We aim to change the way people use energy on the go

"Our goal is to remove the stress that is related to being bound to the energy grid. We turn energy consumers into smart, free, environmentally-aware, energy users"


KaliPAK - solar power generator

At Kalisaya, we have witnessed a surge in natural disasters, affecting more people and leaving greater regions disconnected from power sources. At the same time, we understand people’s desire to travel - hike, bike, swim and camp in the great outdoors, without losing power or cellular services. 

With greater advances in technology comes a greater desire to remain connected, for safety, as well as for convenience. Our goal is to ensure that you never lose power, especially during emergencies, while maintaining a social and global responsibility agenda in an attempt to break the vicious consumption-energy-emissions-climate change cycle.

We believe that keeping an eye on our planet’s sustainability, without giving up the comforts of progress and technology, is of utmost importance. It is this mission that leads our visions when developing our KaliPAKs and line of accessories.

Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, personal safety is key. At Kalisaya, we believe that portable, durable, autonomous energy generators are the personal survival kits everyone needs when the power goes out. To prevent a lack of visibility, lack of communications, fear and panic, our KaliPAK enable light and communications for at least 7 consecutive nights of power outage and contain ample storage space for other survival tools.

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