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"Extremely portable and fun to use!"
David Kassin on Feb 02 2017

Extremely portable and fun to use! Great for camping and easy to use. 5 stars!

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"I was presently surprised and impressed with the build quality"
Conrad McGinnis on Oct 13 2016

I bought the Kalisaya 601 through the kickstarted campaign. When I received it I was presently surprised and impressed with the build quality. This is no flimsy piece of equipment. The first time I tested it on a camping trip, my friends called me "James Bond" as I kept pulling out solutions out of the pack, that solved all of our groups needs, and it was all enclosed in one package. I have used this on camping trips and hunting trips, and now I have it at my property in Belize which has a jungle cabin that is 100% off grid. It supplies power to lights, phone and a few other things. This thing just works!

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Expedition ready!
Eric M. Miller on Oct 12 2016

I purchased this product through the original kickstarter campaign and was asked to give an honest review in exchange for a discount on accessories. Few products are as well designed and executed as this one. It is extremely compact and well built and provides ample power for all your off-grid needs. Charging is rapid and simple providing you have sufficient sun exposure. I purchased an additional solar panel which also fits within the exposure and dramatically reduces my charging times. The included straps make it easy to cart around and the rain shield protects it from the environment. Initially there was a problem with one of the adapter plugs but these guys were very professional as replaced it free of charge. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

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"The fit and finish on the KaliPAK is top notch"
Martin Blumenfeld on Oct 11 2016

I got this during the crowdfunding stage as well. It's great to finally have it home. The fit and finish on the KaliPAK is top notch and they have been very responsive whenever I had questions. I bought this for camping to power a CPAP machine. I ran a quick test and so far it has worked flawlessly. I love the extra attachments like the light bulb and socket and super bright LED. The main reason I chose the Kalipak was because everything is all in one package. Yes it might be bigger some of the other big battery packs, but they don't have one solid case like this.