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By Steven J Gindion June 21, 2016

I was recently informed by a tech savvy friend that this new KaliPAK device would be available in the USA by June 2016. He knows that I do a considerable amount of camping and road travel and felt this would be a great travel companion due to the weight (11 pounds!), sturdiness and ease of use. Boy, was he right! I received mine 3 days ago and immediately organized myself for an overnight in the mountains- only me, my tent and my KP201 (can't forget my guitar :). As instructed, I downloaded the Android app and paired the KP201 with my phone. WOW! All I did was plug into my SUV 12volt cigarette lighter and, amazing! A simple glance at my dashboard mounted phone clearly told me All pertinent info! Percent of available battery power, current incoming wattage (amount of charge) and exact draw of whatever device I had plugged in! I've done A lot of road travels in the US and a power pack like this would've saved me much grief in the past. It is simple to use (great for me ;), light to carry around and gives me the option of solar panels with an extra long cord to device when I'm hanging out at a campsite (or anywhere for that matter). This is just a quick review, as I will be using this wonderful device many, many more times in the near future.... I'll write another review after seeing how it handles the lumps and bumps of more lengthy travels- though with the very solid case construction, slim design (very important for carrying and storing in vehicle) and incredibly lightweight construction, I'm very confident I got the Best portable solar/battery on the market! Oh, and I will be keeping it fully charged in case of emergency which can strike at any time...

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Problem solved
By Elizabeth Bronwen Bure on October 4, 2016

We use this primarily for our long art fair weekends. We have to keep phones, tablets, speakers, and lights powered up, which is problematic when you're at an outside festival. The KaliPAK simplifies our need for power efficiently, and draws people to our tent because it is a curiosity! The solar panels on this work better than any other solar panels I've used.

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The best for your camp
By Inbar on July 9, 2016

Best product for camping and road travel!
5 Star recommend.