Every superhero has a story. Here’s ours.

Kalisaya - portable solar power generator

Kalisaya is A private company based in Israel established by a team of seasoned designers, engineers and visionaries, Kalisaya has revolutionized the autonomous portable energy field.

Dreaming of replacing the diesel generator with a portable, efficient electricity solution, we sought to become the first responders consumers contact before, during and after disaster strikes. We also wanted to keep people connected to power - and to each other, whether outdoors or in the comfort of their own homes - without harming the environment.

Funded solely by our founders and developed over the course of two years through intensive deep market research, prototyping and field tests, our flagship product, the KaliPAK, exemplifies our commitment to so social responsibility and green operations.

Meaning of the name Kalisaya

Kalisaya (or Kallisaya) as defined in Aymara, the ancient Inca language, is what puts lightning, mood and the sun’s energy together. When it comes to understanding light energy, the Inca, who worshiped the sun, were a highly advanced culture. The concept behind the term Kalisaya for the Inca, seems to refer to the shared energy that one can observe within the sun, the lightning, and the inner glow of a person.