Pokémon GO does not drive people to the great outdoors

Pokémon GO does not drive people to the great outdoors

The hype around the Pokemons seem to move kids out of their rooms and couches and out to wander like zombie-groups in their 'hood.

However, it seems that the guys in Niantic worked an algorithm that will place action where action is. This means they track where centers of cellular and GPS activity are - and place the cute monsters around them.

So Pokemon becomes an urban venture.
It does not take the kids, or those who feel like kids, out to nature, it does not encourage them to explore paths less-taken. 

If Niantic would pick this glove, they can use the same platform to encourage adults (and kids) to explore more in the great outdoors. What be more rewarding than finding a rare monster behind a waterfall somewhere in Mt. Rainier National Park WA, or conquer a dramatic Pokemon GYM near a cave in Wilowemoc Wild Forest, NY??? 

We can encourage them by providing users good reasons to be out in nature without detaching users from their precious devices: give them unlimited power on the go, give them connectivity.
Kalisaya has recently introduced such devices: KaliPAK - portable solar packs the will free people (and Pokemon fans) from the chains of the grid. KaliPAK's are now available on Amazon, HomeDepot and www.kalisaya.com.