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Effective Communication Strategies During Live Events and Disasters

When a disaster strikes, effective communication strategies can make the difference between saving lives and more people getting killed. When you use text messaging as a communication tool, you are going to be able to reach your target audience almost instantly. The majority of people own mobile devices and keep the device within reach 24/7. At a live event, most people are going to be carrying a mobile device. When communicating during an emergency, the correct information and safety tips can have a big impact.

Confusion Can Lead to a Higher Number of Injuries

During the Las Vegas Country Music Festival on October 1, 2017, a gunman opened up fire on the crowd, killing at least 58 and injuring 500 or more people. This has since been described as the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Video footage taken on smartphones show concert attendees confused about what was going on. Despite hearing the semi-automatic rifle, it wasn't completely clear whether the sound was gunfire, fireworks, or something else. Instead of sheltering in place, some concert goers were standing up and looking around, directly in the line of fire. If a mass text blast had gone out to all attendees, people who have understood what was going on faster.



Technology Gets People Organized and Prepared for Action

In an emergency, getting organized is essential to getting each injured person the help they need. When SMS is in place, you can automatically send out a message to quickly notify the public of emergency situations. This can be done by having attendees sign up to receive text messages when purchasing tickets, or have signs around the venue that state, text "HELP" to "12345" in the event of an emergency. People who text your emergency system will be able to receive updates during the emergency and receive tips on what to do next.



Fast Responses Save Lives

Technology is a powerful tool and can save lives when used correctly. Emergency protocols must be established for live events, and these protocols can be sent out automatically to attendees if an emergency occurs. If the event is an outdoor concert and it begins to thunderstorm, a text blast sent out to the crowd can make it easier to reach everyone. While you might try to make an announcement from the stage, you will reach more people with a text message. When you respond quickly in an emergency, you are going to be more successful at saving lives.


Resources Can be Disbursed Where Needed

Even when emergency personnel respond to a crisis, this doesn't mean the emergency is over. Help needs to be disbursed to the right areas, and text messaging can make this possible. When people at the event are able to text their location and needs, it becomes easier for emergency personnel to respond to the situation. The response becomes more organized when communication is fast and consistent. Thanks to portable power regardless if you have a power output near you or not, communication is ongoing like portable power on the go such as KaliPAK. When resources are scarce, it becomes possible to find out who is most at risk and needs help the most using technology.


Live events can present a number of emergency situations. From a natural disaster to an active shooter, being able to stay organized makes a difference. With text messaging, it becomes possible to share safety tips and to keep people aware of what is going on. Those that need help can send a message through text message, and scarce resources can be used as efficiently as possible to keep everyone safe.


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