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Be empowered when power fails - Kalisaya is all the power you need when there's no power around

Whether you’re raving out in the woods or braving hurricane-strength winds from indoors, KaliPAK is the only smart, durable power solution that will save the day and ensure you’re fully powered, always.

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KaliAPP - KaliPAK’s trusty sidekick

Smart mobile connection to ensure maximum KaliPAK performance when you need it most. Link your KaliPAK to the KaliAPP on your Android or iOS mobile device (via Bluetooth transmission) and enjoy full control and monitoring of your KaliPAK’s battery level, remaining time at current usage, consumption and charging levels and effectiveness from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone. For handheld support in any situation, KaliAPP connects you to FAQs, manuals and the KaliPAK community blog so you are never powerless in the face of an emergency.

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Read how KaliPAK saved the day for so many users

“I purchased my KaliPAK when it was offered through Kickstarter. It's been a great addition to my outdoor gear. Also, it adds some peace of mind when preparing for emergency situations (blizzard, tornado, etc), so get yours today.”

Stuart Kardianon

“My daughter plays on a travel softball team and we traveled extensively over the summer. We used our KaliPAK to run several 12V fans in the dugout during the 95 degree days during the games while it was being charged with solar power. Kept our cell phones, ipods and ipads charged as well! I expect to use our KaliPAK this winter during a likely snow storm power outage.”

Thomas E. Heeanon

“The first time I tested it on a camping trip, my friends called me "James Bond," as I kept pulling solutions out of the pack that solved all of our group’s needs. I have used KaliPAK on camping trips and hunting trips, and now I have it at my property in Belize which has a jungle cabin that is 100% off grid. It supplies power to lights, phones and a few other things.”

Conrad McGinnison

“I bought my KaliPAK for camping to power a CPAP machine. I ran a quick test and so far it has worked flawlessly. I love the extra attachments like the light bulb and socket and super bright LED.”

Martin Blumenfeldon

“I bought a KaliPAK because of the frequent power outages in my neighborhood. I live in a very woody area and we tend to have many power outages due to bad weather and down trees. I have had to use it several times and this Portable powerpack saves the day, every time.” 

Wakita Bradfordon