KaliPAD - First Ever Powerful Solar Charger For All Mobile Devices

KaliPAD™ - Highly efficient solar charger & powerbank. Your digital life all-in-one. Be charged, be green, be chic. Reserve your KaliPAD in discount prices. Sign up now >>


KaliPAK is an autonomous, user-friendly, easy-to-carry energy storage device that can charge itself from multiple sources  - including the sun.
KaliPAK is all the power you need when there is no power around

KaliPAK’s can power everything that connects to a USB or a Car-Lighter socket. You can explore our ever-growing line of essential accessories

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The KaliAPP

KaliPAK comes with built-in Bluetooth transmitter that seamlessly connects to your Android or iOS smartphone


APP features:

  • Battery level and remaining time at current usage
  • Consumption level
  • Charging level and effectiveness
  • Support
  • FAQ's
  • User Manuals
  • Connected to KaliPAK community blog
  • Promotion and online ordering of accessories and battery replacements (soon)
The app is built using Open Architecture (SDK) to provide localization (language), and easy implementation of new features

KaliAPP - KaliPAK By Kalisaya

About Kalisaya

Kalisaya (or Kallisaya) in the old Inca language of Aymara – means energy, such that radiates from the sun or a lightning, as well as the inner glow of a person. Find out more about the team behind Kalisaya here



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